OSI Specialty Retail Products

OSI’s Retail Solutions Division combines traditional P.O.P. Display Displays and consumer goods packaging with custom products to increase sales lift and drive products off retail shelves. Our product development team is continuously in search of unique and innovative products to compliment our displays and packaging to drive consumer decision making at the point of purchase where it matters most.

OSI’s engineers and quality control teams ensure that products we develop and introduce to the marketplace are cost effective, well built, and suitable for all retail environments.

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Shelf Stalker

Shelf Stalker™ is a brand new proprietary line of products available from OSI.  These aisle violators and flashing signage are lightweight, simple to use, and can be refreshed with new graphics quickly, easily, and inexpensively.  Available in a 5” undermount option which attaches magnetically to any metal gondola shelving unit, a 14” motion activated LED unit, and multi sized flashing unit that flashes round the clock as long as there is light.  Our Shelf Stalker™ line is sure to stop traffic dead in its tracks.

Accu Colors™

Accu Colors™, The nail tip swatch system, are revolutionary nail displays featuring easy to apply clip-in strip nail brackets. With patents pending, the unique nail-bracket system features individual color tips enabling consumers to see how various colors will look before purchasing. The unique nail-bracket system can be custom fit to any tray configuration and easily snaps on and off. The clip-in strip nail bracket also eliminates messy test stations and wasted product, and eliminates tampering. The brackets are sold in two models, a snap version and a soft-locking version. Simply place your hand under the tips to see the colors on your hand. Make your polish fly off shelves only with Accu Colors™.

Display Array

Display Array™, available only through OSI Specialties, is a multi screen video strip that delivers attention grabbing action to your customers.  Increase your sales lift as much as 64% with this first-in-market display.  The high definition screens play individually or in conjunction and the ads can be updated remotely from a central location.  Lightweight and easy to handle with a sleek design providing an elegant in-store display.  You’ve got to see it to believe it.


Sportlites™, makers of The Thumper™ family of baseball bat flashlights, is another great proprietary product of OSI Specialties.  The Sportlites™ family of product includes personal safety products ideal for C-Stores, travel centers, e-retailers, or any mass market retailer.  Free metal floor displays available with complete product purchase.  See what Sportlites™ has in store for you.

E-Paper Displays

E-Paper is a dynamic new visual technology which leverages the power of e-Ink. This display gently changes a static image such as a graphic, word marks or motifs. Best of all its It’s battery powered and one set of coin batteries keeps the display in full motion for over a year!